1998 - 1999

The "Ombu", a tree native of Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, is the living symbol of this region and is thus highly praised by writers and artists alike.

Anna Rank, uruguayan artist who has always been concerned with the preservation of the environment, shows us in her work "Portrait of a tree" a symbiosis between the human body and nature. She portrays the "Ombu" with numerous hues of human skin tones which in turn represent the bark of the tree.

Her work in this exhibition is composed of approximately twenty drawings and paintings. The "Requiem al Ombú", one of the largest and most important pictures of the exhibit, raps us in a world of colors and contrasts which represent life and death of this majestic tree.


The drawings are placed in triptychs. They show the nobility of the "Ombu" contrasting with the auterity of the colors black and white.

Anna Rank´s previous exhibitions in Uruguay relating to the "Ombu" and to "Nature" have given ground to her new work which will be traveling shortly to the General Consulate of Uruguay in New York this February 10th, 1998. From there, the exhibition will be opened at the "Galeria Principal" in the Cultural Center of Altos del Chavon, Dominican Republic in March 6th, 1998. Later in August, it will be shown at the Organization of American States (O.E.A.) in Buenos Aires and at the "Buquebus Foundation" in Montevideo.

The artistic works will travel together with a book titled "Tribute to the Ombu". In this book, Anna Rank uses her pictoric vision of the "Ombu" and a very good selection of literary writers to capture nature, literature and plastic art in one major piece of work. The book includes fragments of literary works of renown writers who pay homage to the "Ombu" in their writing. Some of this writers are Pablo Neruda, Torres Garcia, Guillermo Hudson, Jules Verne, among others. The text will be published in its original version and language, either spanish or english, together with colored and black and white pictures of Anna Rank´s works.

The exhibition "Portrait of a tree" and the book "Tribute to the Ombu" as been sponsored by the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores del Uruguay, by the Organization of American States, the Altos del Chavon Foundation and the Artemercosur Website. Other sources of sponsorship will be approached.

In English: Anna Rank - Jules Verne - Pablo Neruda - Willian H. Hudson's - Florencio Sanchez.

In O.V: (Spanish): Pablo Neruda - Guillermo Hudson - Lenda Gaucha - Torres Garcia - Florencio Sanchez

In O.V: (French)- Jules Verne - Martin de Moussy