(...) And still on the prairies,

like laminas of the planet,

beneath a fresh republic of stars;

the ombú, king of the grass, stopped

the free air, the whispering flight,

and mounted the pampa, holding it in

with a bridle of reins and roots.


Arboreal America,

wild bramble between the seas,

from pole to pole you balanced,

green treasure, your dense growth.

The night germinated

in cities of sacred pods,

in sonorous woods,

outstretched leaves covering

the germinal stone, the births.


Green uterus, seminal

American savanna, dense storehouse,

a branch was born like an island,

a leaf was shaped like a sword,

a flower was lightning and medusa,

a cluster rounded off its résumé,

a root descended into the darkeness.

NERUDA, PABLO (1904­1973) "Canto General"Translated by Jack Smith "A Lamp on Earth" Vegetation (Pág. 15 - 16) University of California Press - 1991 Berkeley & Los Angeles.