Contemporary and Timeless

This collection of jewelery is minimal, understated and has classic proportions. It is beautifully engineered and hand finished to have a fine sculptural quality. In silver, 18k gold, or platinum, some pieces are set with semi precious stones for a touch of colour, or with diamonds catching shimmering points of light. The subtle and refined statement this jewelry makes, adorns and accentuates the elegance of the modern women.

Twig Collection

Evoking nature, is designed to have its own intrinsic structure. Each organically styled and textured piece is superbly engineered to comfortably drape the human form. The precious stones used in the in the Twig Collection remain in their natural uncut state and are individually chosen for their unique qualities - with all of their healing powers intact.


Infinity Collection

Inspired by the modern sculpture with its organic and seductively understanded forms


New York, U.S.A.

tel / fax: (1) 212 966 5386

Primavera was born in India, and raised in London and Europe. Since 1969 she lives in the United States.

Award winning artist and designer:

Developer of the PRIMAVERA COLLECTION of Fine Jewelry.

Designer of accessories for numerous manufacturers which were carried in fine specialty and department stores.

Featured in European and American fashion magazines.


University of London, St. Martin's School of Art under the direction of Sir Anthony Caro; studied in New York with Julio Alpuy of the Taller Torres-Garcia. Taught post-graduate studies at New York University.

Early interests and schooling led to involvement in multimedia, dance and theater as a director, designer, teacher and participant. Her metal and wood sculpture have been featured in several galleries in New York and London.

Honors and Awards:

National Diploma in Fine Arts and Design with Honors from St. Martins; recipient of the Winston Churchill Fellowship Award; Bronze medal from the International Film and Television Festival, New York; Ludwig Vogelstein Foundation Award.